About compatibility

foxer is 100% compatible with all family of Microsoft Office™ applications. In fact it is compatible with any application that can provide text or html streams under a Windows™ clipboard petition, like Notepad or Wordpad, including the most common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE & Edge.

Unfortunately, there are applications that doesn't manage clipboard messaging on the way recommended by Microsoft™, so in these rare ocasions foxer can not get any text and provide conversion popups. We found that OpenOffice and StarOffice suites fall in this kind of problem.

You can follow this reported topic in this forum.

Another issue is for those formats that do not keep tabulator character as cell delimitor for tables. ATC relies on this character to identify table structure, so when this character is missing, ATC can do nothing. PDF format is, unfortunately, one of this.

Dispite of this small limitations, ATC is a great tool. You can test some of his capabilities in this link.