User friendly interface

foxer improved interface make things you need to do no more than one click away. Clipboard integration gives you conversion popups just in place. Navigation through calendar allows fast inspection & loading of exchange rates and subscriptions.

Unlimited number of subscriptions

foxer is not limited to just one source of publication. Its modular design allows an unlimited number of subscriptions, just choose the bank or agency from the list that better feeds your needs.

Read more about current subscription plugins

Automatic exchange rates updating

Get exchange rates updated automatically by internet, right after the time of publication. Accuracy indicator for currencies and rates inform you when calculations are exact, updated or an estimation.

Wide compatibility

foxer is 100% compatible with all family of Microsoft Office™ applications. It is also compatible with Firefox, Chrome, IE & Edge.

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History file

Get exchange rates from the past if you missed them.

Plugin & fxr data sharing

Share fpl plugins and fxr exchange rates files with your organization. Get hole company updated even with just one internet connection.

Automatic decimal & date disambiguation

Disambiguation algorithms through context & locale information give you the right values even if you take string number from a different decimal convention of yours.

Formatting options

Format conversion output according with the result you wish. Just numbers or formatted with name, code or symbol for the currencies at the right position.

Favorites list

Switch to filter the currencies you don't usually use with a single click.