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What it is foxer?


foxer is the easiest, practical & complete currency converter you would find. Its unique features like clipboard integration & history file and, of course, automatic update from the major Central Banks of the World makes currency conversion from any date and any currency a very easy matter.

By default foxer runs minimized in the system tray. From there you can access Converter, Properties & Configuration forms, but the best is yet to come.


Why it is the best currency converter?

In its integrated mode foxer can create conversion pop-ups from within any application just by selecting the values to convert and press CTRL+C. In other words, you don't have to go to the tool: foxer comes to you.

This unique feature, combined with our Advanced Table Conversion (ATC) technology, that recognizes dates & currencies, makes things you probably want to do no more than a few clicks away.


Please visit features section to read more.

About version 9.5

2019.06.21 - foxer update FoxerSetup, foxer application and libraries are now Digitally Signed.

2019.06.06 - foxer update Bank Of Canada Subscription now updates from xml format.

2019.04.24 - foxer update update to recently changed format of the Reserve Bank Of Australia.

2019.04.15 - foxer update introduces a new 'View Source' button on Calendar Form, to easily check subscriptions.

2019.04.04 - foxer update corrects a bug involved in subscriptions update and Universal Time calculation over Time Zones

2019.03.27 - foxer update brings a more robust conversion schema, accurated progress bars & some styling changes.

2019.02.11 - foxer update 9.0.16 updates Calendar & weekdays in both english and spanish languages.

2019.02.06 - foxer update 9.0.15 adds Calendar signaling day & Working days features and better plugin code optimization.

2019.01.18 - foxer update 9.0.12 improves calendar features and fixes a history file bug wich affected BOE & CBR plugins.

2018.11.16 - foxer update 9.0.10 moves all plugin files to AppData folder to avoid private settings interfere other users.

2018.10.23 - foxer update fixes a Setup bug that make application update to AppData folder.

2018.10.18 - foxer update 9.0.5 fixes Calendar History bug and some other minor problems.

2018.09.11 - foxer update 9.0.1 updates recently changed BCA plugin and improves version checking.

2018.09.04 - foxer update 8.9.8 optimizes resource storage and prevents Setup to launch application with elevated privileges.

2018.06.09 - foxer update 8.9.4 adds Pre Cleaning capabilities to plugins framework to prevent incompatible HTML sources.

2018.05.13 - foxer update 8.9.0 completes ATC with DateFormat selection and introduces Conversion Report new feature.


Why it is free?

We believe in free software, in fact, we love making free software, but software producers should get an income for their job too. We don't like to spend much of our time protecting software against piracy, so the solution is to get companies to pay for that software. Users are happy, companies are happy & we are happy.


Why to advertise?

foxer users are mainly from import/export trading companies. They buy and sell goods over the countries and operate with banks, insurance, travel & many other agencies. Get the opportunity to be present in their daily job and attract them to your products & services. For more details, please visit our advertise section.


What it is not?

foxer it is not a currency trading application. It's just the best currency converter.