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Advertising & software customization

foxer users are mainly from import/export trading companies. They buy and sell goods over the countries and operate with banks, insurance, travel & many other agencies, and they interact every day with our software.

Wether you are a custom exchange rates producer or not, there are many ways to customize our software. Sign with us and be present at all users desktop you like every day.

General advertising

foxer is a free multilanguaje application covering significant international information. This means it can attract quite a big number of users well related to economic sectors. Even more, although we freely distribute our software without collecting any personal data, we sure know what countries our users are from and what languaje they like.

Choosing from this factors, our general advertise program allows companies to design country specific advertise campaigns over a selected period of time for a small fee.

General advertise program allows automatic skin replacement on selected dates and countries, giving your design, logo, colors & menu to our application.

Software customization

Software customization means we make a special, custom version of our application for you, changing & adding all desired features to cover client needs. If your company is an exchange rates publisher, we can also create a subscription plugin module, being for your private customers use or a public release to make more users to get to your company.

Feel free to contact us for more details.