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Conversion pop-ups + ATC controls

foxer conversion popups provide many useful indicators and controls to let you better adapt conversion results to your needs. Some of them they do appear only under ATC conversions, this means, when converting a table containing not only values, but date, currency or plugin specifications.

Clipboard integration is 100% compatible with Windows™, but not all applications are. Click here to read more about compatibility.

Remember that conversion pop-ups will keep alive as long as you keep Control Key pressed.

popup funcs

1 - Main From/To converter switch

This value corresponds to current converter incoming/outgoing selected currencies. You can't select other values, but yes you can switch their conversion role.

conversion from to


2 - ATC switch

When ATC identifies a set of currencies, they could be applied as incoming or outgoing too, overriding default one. This button allows to interchange ATC currencies conversion role from ATC-In ( Incoming ) to ATC-Out ( Outgoing ).

3 - Subscription plugin indicator

This indicator displays Subscription validity & code, where green is updated (less than 24hours), red color is outdated (more than 2 days) and yellow in between. ATC conversions with date override display gray color.

4 - Selected dateformat

Display current selected dateformat when ATC conversion specify a date column. As dmy & mdy formats can get to non existent files when day is less than 13, this button allows to easily alternate through dateformats from dmy, mdy & ymd.

5 - Format yes/no switch

This button toggles between format yes/no. It can get specielly useful when target where to paste expect just values, like Excel.

6 - ConversionReport button

Opens ConversionReport.txt log file so you can inspect how foxer evaluated last conversion.

7 - Paste button

Paste conversion results to original document. Keep in mind that pasting will only take place if document accepts edition. A typical example where this will not work is in a web browser.

8 - Warning area

Unidentified currencies, subscriptions & non existing files will result in a warning, displaying its total number in this area. Click for a detailed list.

9 - Result area

Click in this area to open foxer converter form.

You can practice this features on the table below or in this test page.

Remember to Select hole table & press CTRL+C

25/01/2018 100 110 120
26/01/2018 200 210 220
27/01/2018 300 310 320