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You are about to download fxr-foxer, the most advanced currency converter, with Advanced Table Conversion ( ATC ) technology and the following free daily subscription plugins:


  ecb ECB - European Central Bank cbr CBR - Central Bank Of Russian Federation
  boe BOE - Bank Of England rba RBA - Reserve Bank Of Australia
  bca BCA - Bank Of Canada boc BOC - Bank Of China

We are proud creators of safe software, here you are our current MD5 binaries:

foxersetup.exe C69BF5269CBBE2D4E5F11C4F2D09E1F3
foxer.exe 6D23E6E9A1678601CAA042710A1A8714
fxrupdater.exe 957399AFE8492EC27C8083A662977F9B

You can use this free WinMD5 tool to check them out.



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