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Foxer features

Clipboard integration + Advanced Table Conversion (ATC)

Clipboard integration makes possible to provide you with conversion pop-ups, in place, just by selecting the values to convert and press CTRL+C.

Even more, ATC technology adds date & currency recognition to regular tables, so you can convert without having to manually select this parameters on the converter.


Read more about conversion pop-ups & ATC controls


Unlimited subscriptions

foxer can manage unlimited sources of publication. Its modular design based on plugins allows to easily develop independent subscriptions.

From a user point of view things are even easier: just choose the bank or agency from the list that better feed your needs.


Read more about current subscription plugins

Automatic exchange rates update + History file

Properties form makes easy to choose date and subscription. Navigation through calendar allows fast inspection and load of exchange rates. Once in memory, calculations with no date override will be done with values of that file.

Exchange rates are updated automatically right after the time of publication, but if you missed them and the publisher makes History data available, History label will notice it to you.

Accuracy indicator will always inform you when values in memory are exact, updated or out of validty.

Conversion Report : Reliability

Conversion Report was created to debug, step by step, all calculations foxer makes during a conversion. From initial state, subscription and file in memory, to plugin, date & currency identification and decimal & date format conventions.

We know we are dealing with more that numbers so we take accuracy & reliability very seriously.

For this reason Conversion Report is fully available both from Converter form and Conversion Pop-ups, so anyone can check what foxer is dealing with, behind the scenes.


In this link you can check a real Conversion Report log.


Configuration: let control be yours

and last but not least..

Automatic decimal & date disambiguation

Disambiguation algorithms through context & locale information give you the right values even if you take them from a different convention of yours.

Formatting options

Format conversion output according with the result you wish. Just numbers or formatted with name, code or symbol for any currency at the right position.