Current available subscription plugins


European Central Bank / ECB

ECB is the main source of economic publication on the European Union. ECB publishes exchange rates of 33 currencies every working day on his site, around 16h Central European Time.

- ECB main site

- ECB exchange rates page link

ECB also publishes all historic information since January 1999. Users can download easily all this information from the subscriptions tab on the configuration form.


Bank Of China / BOC

BOC is the official Bank of China, the second economy in the world, and the strongest from Asia. BOC publishes every 5 minutes rates of 25 currencies every day on his site. Foxer takes middle rates from 7 AM User Local Time. No historical data available.

- BOC main site

- BOC exchange rates page link


Central Bank Of Russian Federation / CBR

CBR is the official Bank of Russian Federation, another big economy and a member of the BRIC. CBR publishes from tuesday to saturday exchange rates from 31 countries around 13h UTC. Historical data is available under demand from the application.

- CBR main site

- CBR exchange rates page link

CBR doesn't publish any history file, but all exhange rates can be downloaded on demand month by month from the Calendar form.


Bank Of Canada / BCA

BCA is the official Bank Canada. BCA publishes exchange rates from 26 countries every working day around 16:30 Eastern Time. Historical data is available only for current year.

- BCA main site


Bank Of England / BOE

BOE is the official Bank of the United Kingdom. BOE publishes exchange rates from 26 countries from tuesday to saturday around 16PM AET with 1 day delay. There is no History publication, but historical data is available under demand from the Calendar form.

- BOE main site

- BOE exchange rates page link


Reserve Bank Of Australia / RBA

RBA is the official Bank of Australia. RBA publishes exchange rates from 20 countries every working day around 16h AET. They also publish a History file starting on January 2014.

- RBA main site

- RBA exchange rates page link


Plugins under study

We would like to offer a meaningfull set of plugins with relevant & trusted sources. Following subscriptions are under study or development. Feel free to contact us with any comments & indications on preferred sources to come.

- Banco Central do Brazil

- Bank Of Japan